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Maidstone Lake Mirror – Winter Solstice 2018 Edition –

Dec 19, 2018

Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association!  

Happy Winter Solstice & enjoy the shortest day of the year on Dec 21st!  The good news is the days will get longer from there on out!  We have already seen winter roll in and have a fair bit of snow on the ground.  The lake is making ice ….and while it might not be safe yet – another few weeks of cold weather will get it ready to enjoy!  We hope you can enjoy all the winter activities, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, and of course lots of snow shoveling!   Thanks to Sam Gorham & his Elves for the wonderful Christmas Tree at the head of the Lake!

Many of you have asked about the Town’s schedule for grading the road and we have worked with the Selectboard  & Road Agent have worked to provide this information to us:

Grading will be done at least 3 times per year  depending on weather & road conditions- more as needed. Timing:  Spring, Before July 4th, Fall before frost sets in.  Roadside mowing will be done after Labor Day.Other Road Maintenance will be done as needed.   Please let us know or the Town know of issues so they can be addressed.

Most importantly – PLEASE yield to the Snowplow or Grader.  That means GO SLOW and make sure the plow or grader operator sees you before you pass by them.  Thank-you for your consideration as these folks are trying to make things safer for us to use the roadway!

We sent out another email regarding Phone Issues you may be having at the lake.  Please email the town if you are having issues with your phone (or DSL Internet).  Email the town at:

You may also choose to call the Governors Office or the PUC: Governor’s office  802-828-3333.   Public Service Department Utility Complaints 802-828-2332

The MLA is looking for someone to take over the Aquatic Nuisance & Shoreline Monitoring Program.  Let us know if you can help out!

Save the Date for Saturday, July 13th for the Annual Meeting & Picnic!   There is no cost to attend – nor do you have to be a member to attend either the meeting or picnic!  All are welcome! More information to follow about speakers, and picnic plans – stay tuned!  Thank-you! 

Maidstone Lake History Books!  We still have some books for sale that would make a great present or gift opportunity!  We only made one printing so get them while they last! Simply email us and we will get you connected with a book!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday & healthy 2019!

News & Updates:

CT Valley Sno-Riders – Get Involved!

Anyone who rides snowmobiles who’s interested in getting involved in the  Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders club please like us on Facebook (So you’ll receiveupdates), send your email to, or call John O at (802) 328-2182.  We do a lot of trail prep work in the fall and could use help signing, brushing, organizing events, and are always looking for candidates to run the groomer.  Also, our meetings are generally the 3rd Saturday of every Month (Sep-Apr) at 7:00pm at the Guildhall in Guildhall, VT,

VTC Updates concerning the Conte Refuge, Logging, VAST Trail, and Nulhegan Initiatives

Silvio Conte Refuge  Manager Steve Agius has announced that the Nulhegan Basin Division’s Habitat Management Plan was approved in late October. The 15 year plan sets the groundwork for moving forward with restoring the forests that make up the Nulhegan Basin. VTC submitted commentary on this plan as did many of our supporters individually. Our input on state and federally managed land plans continues to be an important aspect of VTC’s advocacy for a sustainable working landscape. Active timber harvest is well overdue in the Nulhegan, and it will be positive for both the habitat quality and the local economy to get these much needed harvests underway.

In addition, many of you may be aware that Weyerhaeuser was planning to utilize their Right of Way on the Nulhegan this winter by trucking logs on the refuge’s roads. As any who were involved in the conversations surrounding this know, there would have been some impact to the area VAST trails. For those of you that snowmobile,  you will be happy to learn that Weyerhaeuser has put their plans on hold until the winter of 2019/2020. With that said, THERE WILL BE NO VAST TRAIL CLOSURES ON THE REFUGE THIS WINTER (2018/2019)!

 \One final Nulhegan note. Refuge manager Steve Agius has gathered several interested parties over the last few months to reinvigorate the dormant Friends of the Nulhegan group. Several VTC supporters have been involved in this process with special thanks going out to Lin Mixer for his tireless vigilance, and Bruce Shields for his knowledgeable facilitation of the process of reinstating the group. Anyone interested in supporting or joining the group can become a member in good standing for an annual dues fee of $1. Please send the dollar and your contact information to:

Steve Agius, Wildlife Refuge ManagerSilvio O. Conte NFWR Complex 5396 Route 105 Brunswick, VT 05905

Safety Matters! – Automated External Defibrillator (AED).   Maidstone Lake has 2 AED’s that are presently mounted and ready for service – one on the East Side and the other on the West Side.  The locations are 4488 Maidstone Lake Road on the East, and 37 Private West 2 on the West.  There is signage showing you to where they are located on the property and there will be further signage along the lake road to indicate their location.  Thankfully – we have not had to use them – but they are ready to serve.

Maidstone Lake Directory:  Mary vonAlt has distributed the first version of our Directory so let her know of any changes. What a wonderful resource this is for us! Did your email or other contact info change?  If you would like to update, join, or validate your info that we have in the current Maidstone Lake Directory – please email Mary vonAlt at This directory is voluntary and only shared with those who participate.  The Association does not share that information.

2018-19 Membership Info:  It is not too late to get your membership done!

Rubbish & Recycling:  Just a reminder – Recycling is every OTHER week until next Spring.   Rubbish & Recycling is picked up on Mondays unless Monday is a holiday – then it is Wednesday. Please put your trash in containers that animals cannot get into!

Maidstone Lake History…Books still available – Great gift item Thanks for all your support as we have sold over 300 books! Email us and we will get you one!  The cost of the publication is only $35.  The book is 186 pages of color and some black & white photos along with the history of the lake & camps.  Pass the word to those who are not connected!  Thanks for the support!  For those who want to order online and want a book shipped:

Maidstone Lake Gifts:   Also… don’t forget the great variety of items that Sam & Carol Gorham have for you to buy!  From shirts to hats to sweatshirts to all kinds of lake crafts – they have something that would make a great gift or something you buy as a gift and keep for yourself!  Contact the Gorham’s at their camp or email us and we will get you connected.

Boating Safety:  Think Summer! The boating safety course is available online at:

Doing work on your property?  Here is a handy worksheet to help determine what is needed when developing your property:  

MLA Directors Meetings & Feedback Loop:

The MLA Directors meetings start in May and end in October. Next meeting is in the Spring of 2019- if you have any input – please reply to this email.

Please email or contact one of the Directors if you have anything you would like to pass along.

The current MLA Directors are Greg Poer,”Sam” Gorham, Linda Sanborn, Ken Watson, Chris von Alt, Bob Snowman, Marianne Bouthillier, Alan Ingerson and Jim Mazzonna.

 Save Valuable First Responder Time!!  – Get your 911 Signage:

You can still reserve/purchase your sign from the MLA.  If you don’t have one – you really should so that if there is ever an emergency – first responders can locate your camp.  If would like to purchase a sign please email us at

Your cost is our cost:  $10.

 Maidstone Town News:  See the latest information & resources online at the Town of Maidstone Website.

Selectboard Meeting First Monday of Every Month – 7 PM.

Maidstone Lake Website:  Open 24 Hours a Day! Please explore the entire site that is full of reference material and other great resources – open 24 hours a day!

Photos & Videos wanted!  Please email some photos along so we can update the Website page!  We will put some of the photos right on the Home Page of the website!

Note: Our MLA mailing address has changed.  Please note our new mailing address is 911 Maidstone Lake Road, Maidstone, VT 05905-4509.

Jim Mazzonna, President

911 Maidstone Lake Road

Maidstone, VT 05905