Ice-Out on Maidstone Lake



Ice Out is that long awaited moment in time that everyone appreciates after enjoying all the activities of winter – yet running low of firewood and yearning for some warmer Spring & Summer weather!  Maidstone has a long tradition of observing Ice-Out.  Before our current technology using a clock that sits  on ice until it gives way– there was a person that called it when ice was out.  As the story goes – Charlie Fitch has been calling Ice Out as long as anyone can remember and it was only in the past several years that we added a floating clock contraption that records the exact time the device activates and stops the clock.   As we have come to find out that Charlie called the Ice Out time when there were no “Floaters” left on the lake. What a great history that celebrates a tradition that lives on today!

Here is the Ice Out times recorded since 1973.